Serenity Now!
About the slot
Do you want pay-out lineage? If so, you should play the Serenity slot game. Why? Well with two hundred and forty-three lines of pay players have the opportunity often and with the other features included, the chances grow. Microgaming is known for its classic fare of online gaming slots. Serenity is another game offered for free and also made available for wagering fun.

The classic symbols will remind the seasoned player of the days of the handle and ringing sounds of winning as the new era gamer will find the win chances and the game features to their liking, especially if wins are their cup of tea. There isn’t in inherent theme per se, but there are subtle graphics that players who are interested in design will find pleasing.

Betting Choices
The choice of betting is given to the players seeking Serenity and the player can put up from a cent to five Euros. Now if you’re paying attention there is an inherent value underlying because of the amount of the wager and the lines of pay offered. The other aspect of this game is that a player not only chooses their desired bet, but also how many of the 243 line they wish to bet on. And for those who are of the riskier or adventurous the feature for max bet is available, which of course provides for the greatest rewards.

Serenity is chalked full of gameplay features. Players will enjoy the bonus games and the progressive nature of the jackpot wins. The wild ornate royal purple and valuable gold icon is the one that takes all of the unusable symbols and offers other chances for players to win.

The scatter is designated by the gold icon. When more than one appears players are awarded scatters pays relative to the bet size. Scatters reaching 5 reward coins to fifteen hundred. If there are scatters of three, spins totalling ten will be awarded. Not only that, but there is a featured multiplier to these rewards that increases pays by three times.

There is a symbol of a lantern that requires three to activate the pick feature. The pick feature allows the player to choose a lantern icon and uncover the prize therewith. As more valued symbols are displayed during this time the value of the lanterns also increases. These amounts can go from multipliers of 300 to 500 as symbols in same respective numbers appear.

The simplicity of this game is its most charming and appealing feature. There is no need for going overboard with the bells and whistles found in many of today’s games. But inside this gem can be unlocked a world of winning and is that not what players come for.

There are opportunities galore because of the massive pay-out line amounts that only the bold will venture to, especially in a max bet manner. But having the option is always a plus for the entertainment factor. Furthermore, the ability to multiply and enjoy nice pays and seamless game play cannot be overlooked. This reviewer says, Find Serenity now!

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