Winter Berries

Winterberries slots and cool wins
About the slot
Winter berries is a slot offered for free play by Yggdrasil. The game is of the reel design of five with a whopping 15 lines of pay-out. The setting of this gaming slot that a is also available for betting enjoyment is a winter wonderland with the sound of a constant winters wind howling softly. The terrain is mountainous and glaciered and players will find the mountain lakes of cool water refreshing. The forest gives the game display features depth and a cosy welcome to a wintery scape. The most interesting thing about this wonderland of wintery winning is that the display icons are of fruit.

So much fruit, so little time
Well it’s not as though players can’t take their times and enjoy this game to the fullest. There is no rush. But there is a lot of fruit. The fruit in this game determines what the players will win and how they will win it. There are berries of red, blue, orange, black bunched and tripled and multi-coloured. These all have value and provide the player with different chances and amounts of pay-out. The graphics by this cutting edge yet classic designer is always the best and relative to the game offering and this game is not any different.

The yellow berries are the desired fruit and these give the greatest pay-out. The amount that this one fruit brings can reach as high 50 thousand in coinage, especially when the all the columns are covered. This is due to a multiplying factor given for achieving a display of five fruit-filled reels.

The betting range is from a cent to two Euros per line pay and this game also allows players to choose how many lines will be in play for each spin. Gamers have the choice of auto-play so that they can just sit back after choosing their betting ranges and let the game play for them.

Game-play features
Winter berries requires winning symbols to appear in threes on any pay-out line and additional spin chances are rewarded if the identical icon keeps showing up. There is a multiplying feature that enhances the bet and win total and it is actuated when the symbol appears on all five of the reels. This featured multiplier correlates to the amount columns on which the symbols show up.

So players can decide the value of the coin they wish to play from one cent to two Euros, choose the number of line of pay, max bet and auto-play. Along with the bonus game and progressive feature, Winterberries provides an entertaining but also a financially fruitful opportunity for all players.

Yggdrasil has taken gaming design and interface to a place that has become standard issue for them, but is always on the edge of forward pacing technology. The understanding is that there is always a place for a classic game that does not deluge the player with too much to think about, only winning. Graphics will satisfy the new era gamer and winning will satiate all gamers.

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