Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop is a tasty choice for slot fun
About the slot
If you like colourful explosions of fruit-filled pay lines, then this is the game for you. It is designed in the five and three schematic that gives players a total pay line amount of 15. Net Entertainment is known for their innovative game designs and variety for players of all levels and interests. This is a game style that harkens back to the ease and simplicity of the 60’s and 70’s. However, gamers have come to realize that this game designer will always provide appealing features and opportunities for reward.

In the classic sense, Fruit Shop bestows upon its player’s wilds and multipliers and the control of betting ranging from level one to level ten. The expectation that has come with playing a NetEnt game, the gameplay functions and actuators are easily found and simple to utilize. Provided as well are features that enhance the speed of play as well as the dynamics.

The gameplay assistance doesn’t stop there. The pay-outs and their symbols are provided to inform you of the combinations that made them possible. These are found on one of the previously mentioned simple to utilize design implements.

About the game play
Fruit Shop has a very good pay percentage, which is above ninety-six. As mentioned earlier, it is designed in a 5 by 3 by 15. The symbol to be on the look for is the Joker. This is the one that clears the slate of display symbols and offers another opportunity to win. As with many or most online slots these Jokers must appear on the inside three columns, and upon a line pay the joker doubles it.

Pay lines cannot be changed always a static fifteen, but the wager amount can be determined by choice of coin amount played. The amount of coins can be determined for each spin and line. These can be considered levels in that if you bet on the first level for the total would be total coins for the spin, one coin for all fifteen lines. Ranges of bets run .01 to one Euro.

Fruit Shop pays on the highest win line although win there are more than one lines of pay, those lines will be added together. There is a pay table available describing the how, when and what. In it players will find that wins run left-right; which symbols produce which wins and how the lines of pay run across the display.

This is a classic NetEnt game in that it provides the player with greater win chances and the ability to hedge betting opportunities per line. In game functions can also be controlled by the player, such as music and sounds and the definition of screen resolution. Assistance in the form of easily viewed buttons is always at the ready for the player. So this game makes my NetEnt list of classic gameplay and enjoyable winning opportunities. If you like winning opportunities, then you’ll love Fruit Shop

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